3 comments on “Deception To Control the masses!

  1. Hooray! I have finally heard what I have been thinking and trying to tell others. Unfortunately, as you said, the x-box, the i-phone, and the online games seem to hold their attention more so than reality. I am so tired of hearing “Oh, that will never happen”, when it’s happening under their very noses. I am simply a grandmother that wants the best for her grandchildren, but at this very moment am fighting the imbecile’s that want to make my land and home a National Park or Wildlife Refuge. I have joined several like-minded groups and will continue fighting until my dying day. God Bless You for writing this, as it gives me hope, that I’m not fighting a hopeless battle.

    • Thank you Jackie! We must be diligent in finding the truth with so much propaganda out here. Please subscribe (it’s free) to my blog. I would appreciate ant input. If you have something juicy that you would like me to post I will be happy to put it on. I only ask that you fact check as to keep this alive.

      • I will be more than happy to subscribe, as a matter of fact I just did. Rest assured anything I offer for publication is always well researched.

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