11 comments on “Obama’s Seizure of the Heartland, Executive Order 13575, Laying the Groundwork for Agenda 21

  1. I have studied this Executive Order and have been talking about it on FB and every chance I get at Tea Party meetings, Church, County Council members and local Town meetings. We have a Legislative Committee in our Tea Party Group and I made this my priority. I live in one of those rural communities and can’t imagine it under control of the United Nations. There is already so much regulation that farmers can’t make a living and now they want them to control dust. I have 5 grandchildren and 2 beautiful little great granddaughters and it frightens me to think what there future will be. We have to get rid of this President and I’m afraid if Mitt Romney gets the nomination and goes into office, it will be another Obama administration. I can see so may similarities between the two it is very frightening. All I can say is “God Bless America”.

  2. Thank you for your comments. I have been doing the same as you have mentioned. Some people will not remove their blindfolds. I have many in my own family that chose to ignore all of the Liberties being taken from us. the left controlled media has done a fine job indoctrinating many. I now am just trying to be the best Christian that I can be and following the commandments to the letter.

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  7. Global warming is a reality. The reasons are not abundantly clear for this trend. Attributing the dilemma to only humans encroaching on the terrain appears to be preposterous. Science must consider the various forms of galactic interference which are beyond human control. Specifically, the change in axis tilt due to the impact of gigantic meteorites such as the one that is believed to have caused the extinction of dinosaurs. Measurable seismic disturbances that have been demonstrated to actually change the angle of incline relative to our star.
    The accretion of matter on the planet and the growth in mass and diameter ought to be examined relative to the decline in the mass and diameter of the star to gain a better picture of the slowing of the earth. Slowing allows for prolonged exposure to sunlight which results in more vegetation. The
    interrelationship is not abundantly clear. One must move back in fluid time some five billion years to the creation of the star and the planets to move forward and predict the futuristic course of events.
    The exact of role of humans in global warming may be examined in a relative way when those variables are duly considered.

    • Thank you for the comments Don. However, the information that you claim as fact is clearly only a theory. The globalist elite (most definitely including Al Gore) have somehow turned these theories into a religion. THE word “religion” is often used, rather effectively, to demonize a category of people who hold a strong conviction about something and propose to translate that belief into action. According to The Economist “Global warming is a new religion and blasphemy against that religion is not a laughing matter,” Lord Lawson has said, adding that “there is a great gap in Europe with the decline of any real belief in Marxism and any real belief in Christianity. This has filled the vacuum.”

      Before making any comment on this variety of skepticism, I should declare an interest. Over the past decade, I have participated in many conferences and symposia that explored the link between faith and the environment, in places ranging from Brazil to Greenland to New Orleans. So I’m familiar with most of the standard arguments in this area. There are many different points on the spectrum. As well as green-minded people of faith, there are greens who hate religion, arguing that the anthropocentric bias of the Christian West has made humanity indifferent to other living things; and there are religious people, including some evangelicals, who scorn environmentalism as neo-paganism. those who favor urgent action on global warming’s are the modern equivalent of Galileo’s persecutors: people who wrap themselves in a false moral authority to make unwarranted statements about the earth and its destiny and to denounce as “sinners” those who question them.
      I would like to continue this thread to all. Feel free to provide any real solid statistics.


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