2 comments on “My take on Government healthcare.

  1. I agree with you that Universal Healthcare is a great idea in theory. I deal weekly with patients who are absolutely destitute due to being uninsured/underinsured. However, I also deal with Medicare and Medicaid daily, and these programs are a mess (MI Medicaid especially). They are broke, inefficient, and have some serious coverage gaps (either intended or unintended) that require that many patients go without the care that they need anyway. These government controlled programs are proof that this is not the answer either. In the private sector, insurance carriers are businesses who only want to insure the perfectly healthy at exorbitant rates. Even those who are able to obtain private health insurance are going without the care that they need due to the incredibly high out-of-pocket expenses required under their insurance contracts. A huge amount of health care utilization is due to preventable conditions. I don’t think that we’ll solve the “health care problem” until that issue is addressed in a real way. We simply cannot afford the level of healthcare required as a result of the Standard American Lifestyle. We are making ourselves sicker and figuring out how to keep ourselves alive longer anyway, and it is simply too expensive to maintain. Unfortunately those who really need care for non-preventable or not easily preventable conditions are swept up in the expense pool with those who willfully cause harm and illness to themselves.

  2. I agree completely. We need to hold the Healthplans accountable to a point. We also need to open the market across State lines to create more competition. Competition will result in better coverage, lower premiums and deductibles etc.

    Great comment!

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