One comment on “Did you know?

  1. Liberals, Democrats, and those who vote for Democrats, and those who promote rewriting history to obliterate America’s Judeo-Christian heritage from public schools, “higher” education, and the very fabric of society, instead promote a new American way of life based upon an unnatural family structure that violates “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God.” It is apparent that these in the anti-virtue and “anti-war” crowd not only ignore history to their doom, but it also reveals a seemingly lack of intelligence as though they have blinders on when confronted with opposing views. When asked a specific question or when provided with facts highlighting the consequences of their words and action, the response almost always avoids the question and instead, in generalities and sound bites attempt to refocus the blame onto conservatives. Try it. Ask a liberal to answer a specific question, like: What is the foundation for “unalienable Rights” being “entitled,” or what is their basis for how “civil” rights are defined? If they happen to mention values and morals, have them also provide how they derive at their definition of morals and values? What is their source of reasoning?

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